I feel I am fairly adept at using watercolours, a medium I am experienced in.  The hills, streams and valleys of Oughtibridge, Bradfield and Worrall all suggest watercolours to me due to the subtlety of colours surrounding us locally. 

Perhaps watercolour is now my preferred medium and I enjoy experimenting with the paints, whist also again sometimes adding salt and also fabric placed on top of wet paint and removed whilst almost dry, leaving some interesting textures and shapes to enhance the work.

This picture came from a photograph taken on a walk with Tony in Holme next the Sea, Norfolk, during a long and largely sunny family holiday in 2014.  However, on this day and during our walk we had some rain.  I loved the changing skies of Norfolk on the coast. An idyllic county and a lovely holiday with our children and grandchildren.


This painting was of seed heads picked up on a walk by the river in Oughtibridge. I’ve always loved poppies and often used them as a subject for still life as an art teacher.

photo (36)

Seed heads

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