Summer 2018

I haven’t updated my website for a while. So after such long and lovely sunny weather which has encouraged my creativity in my studio, I thought it was timely to do so.

This year I have been pleased to have had some of my work exhibited at the Derwent gallery, Grindleford, and Leabrookes gallery, Somercotes, as well as The Framery in Sheffield.

I also exhibited at ‘Art in the Gardens’ and ‘The Great Sheffield Art Show’ in the Autumn of 2017, and sold several pictures at these shows. In May 2018 I had a very successful ‘Open Up Studios in Sheffield’ event and welcomed over 60 visitors to the studio over the two weekends. So my husband, Tony, was very busy making tea/coffee for visitors and tempting them with chocolate brownies and carrot cake!  Both weekends had good weather and it was lovely to welcome our visitors.

Because of a foot operation in March I was largely immobile for 12 weeks and unable to work in my studio. This was most frustrating for me, but I am back on both feet now and recovering well.

I’ve done quite a lot of work recently, mostly inspired by pictures taken locally in Bradfield and Worrall and also the Peak District. Our recent holiday in Kefalonia gave me considerable inspiration with the lovely skies, seascapes and mountain views. I have done four pictures based on Kefalonia photographs.


I have also done a few commissions this year as well as some private art lessons and have enjoyed all of this.

Recently I have gone back to working in oils, a medium I love but also get frustrated due to the drying time. In this respect I have worked on 2/3 pieces at a time to allow drying and to rotate the work. I continue to work with acrylics mostly and periodically veer into multimedia textiles work and pastels.

I have included some of my recent work in this update. I hope you enjoy looking at these pictures and I always welcome feedback.


Please contact me if you are interested in any of my work or indeed to discuss a commission.

Enjoy the rest of the summer.

Mo x

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